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Taking tomorrow’s mobility solutions to the market

EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation programme is developing a start-up friendly environment with the ultimate aim of boosting the competitiveness of Europe’s mobility industry. Business Creation aims to become the reference in the market for transforming innovative mobility projects into the most successful business models through the creation of start-ups or scale-up of existing businesses. 

Online, November 2020
EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator

Welcome2Europe and Matchmaking Tour are the two other integral parts of the GoGlobal programme that contribute to the enabling environment for mature start-ups with a clear thematic focus on urban mobility.

Online, August-November 2020
EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator

Innovation accelerator offers 8 learning sessions to get more deepen into tools, which every start-up needs to use to be successful not only in idea creation and product development, but also in monetization of their idea, finding investors and sale the product.

Online, September-October 2020
EIT Urban Mobility GoGlobal

While participating in the Power4Global Investment Sessions, start-ups will understand investment principles and be able to succeed in the US market. The format will be interactive – a 45 min keynote followed by a 45 min QA with speakers bringing amassed expertise in subjects such as US & international investors, successful start-ups from US, innovation hubs representatives and business and legal advisors.

Prague - 29 September 2020 [Tuesday]
Scale-up Hub Matchmaking Event

Ready to Scale

Get to know Europe‘s top 15 mobility scale-ups in an exciting pitching session, where the scale-ups present their business ideas and take questions from renowned industry experts.

Virtual San Diego - 22-23 October 2020
EIT Urban Mobility Go Global

Barcelona - 17-19 November 2020
Scale-up Hub Matchmaking Event

Smart City Expo

News from the EIT Urban Mobility community

All you need to know about EIT Urban Mobility explained in Youtube video

In the following brief video, the concept of EIT Urban Mobility is helpfully made clear. You will find out what the EIT (European Institute of Technology) is, including its various functions and other responsibilities. Everything will be explained about the specific accelerator for Urban Mobility, with information pertaining to the requirements for startups, as well as the benefits coming with participation in this programme.

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