Online, September-October 2020
EIT Urban Mobility GoGlobal

Power4Global Investment Sessions

Power4Global is taking mature EU start-ups with a validated, scalable, and innovative ideas that solve an urban mobility-related customer problem to the next level within the EIT Urban Mobility Go Global Programme.

This programme gives global outreach supported by learning Investment Sessions focused on overseas expansion and culminating with a presentation at Reuters Mobility Summit in October 2020.

Power4Global call selects five startups for presentations at Reuters Mobility Summit

Power4Global is an integral part of the GoGlobal programme, itself part of the larger Business Creation programme. It is oriented on aiding urban mobility startups in their expansion outside of Europe, particularly in the United States. This programme would have concluded in the selected startups visiting Silicon Valley, particularly San Diego. Due to COVID-19 limitations though, it will be conducted virtually. 

While participating in the Power4Global Investment Sessions, start-ups will understand investment principles and be able to succeed in the US market. The format will be interactive – a 45 min keynote followed by a 45 min Q&A with speakers bringing amassed expertise in subjects such as US & international investors, successful start-ups from US, innovation hubs representatives and business and legal advisors. 

The applications were pouring in until the deadline of August 5th, when a total of 23 startups submitted their information to be evaluated. 

How the startups were selected

All participating startups had to submit a pitch deck and answer a set of questions oriented on their business model viability, scalability and other important factors. All of these attributes were then examined individually by a team of evaluators which gave the startups a total score. Based on this score, the final list of the selected startups is here:

The Next Steps​

These five startups, as well as all of the rest that were not selected, will now be able to attend the six preparation investment sessions. They will be oriented on expansion to foreign markets such as the US, as well as other important fields of business. 

Each one of the sessions will have a speaker with expertise from fields related to startup scalability and growth. 

Calendar (details to come)

2 September

1st Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

The diversity of support for startups coming from universities and private sources in the US

Martin Margala, Professor and Department Chair at University of Massachusetts Lowell

9 September

2nd Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

The success story of his startup and experiences of doing business in Silicon Valley

Kenny Hawk, CEO of Mojio

16 September

3th Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

Experiences from Silicon Valley-based corporate VC by innovation leader for a large corporation and a judge of many startup supporting programs

Jean-Marc Frangos, Executive Fellow at INSEAD, Executive In Residence at Plug and Play Tech Center and Member of the Board at Telecom Council

23 September

4th Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

Ways of approaching businesses with innovative marketing

Milan Ruzicka, co-Founder and CEO at Thought Horizon

30 September

5th Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

Scouting for potential partners in North America and first-hand account of professional life in Silicon Valley

Gabriel Ionita and Stefan Pfandt, Director and VP respectively for Group Partnering and Business Development at Deutsche Telekom US

7 October

6th Power4Global Investment Session 17:30 CET (08:30 PDT San Francisco / Silicon Valley)

Experiences of working with large corporations from a technology perspective

Alan Messer, CTO of Mojio

Main event

22 October

Day 1 – Reuters Events: Virtual Mobility North America 2020


23 October

Day 2 – Reuters Events: Virtual Mobility North America 2020


Virtual – Solo/Case Study presentation – 15 minutes to entire audience Virtual (Videos)

Virtual – On Demand Start Up Videos + Competition Winner – x 5

Exhibition Booths


Martin Margala

Kenny Hawk

Jean-Marc Frangos

Milan Ruzicka

Gabriel Ionita

Stefan Pfandt

Alan Messer

GoGlobal Teams for Sessions

Enables public agencies around the globe to reclaim their traffic-congested urban grids, suburban arterials and freeway networks by harnessing advanced Video AI technology. Axilion transforms traffic signal systems into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network and reduces vehicle delays, transit delays and carbon emissions. In suburban areas, Axilion optimizes toll prices and speed limits on the freeway network and adjacent traffic signals in order to ensure smooth traffic

Breeze Technologies is a technology leader for air quality sensors, data and analytics. The startup helps cities and corporates to design more efficient clean air action plans with artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

Our core innovation includes a patented foldable platform of our electric shared city vehicle – aiming to meet the needs of urban dwellers and of cities, with their infrastructure challenges. CT vehicles are electric, small, autonomous ready, and born to share. With a unique patented folding mechanism – CT changes its width on the go – allowing revolutionary accessibility & parking – only 1 meter wide!

In order to encourage more people to cycle, we give them more safety and a better feeling of security with the right-safe dash cam including daytime running lights. By working together with cities and ministries, we are achieving an improved cycling infrastructure and more cycle paths in the long term through data collection via the sensors, in order to make it more attractive.

Ensuring the continuity of sterilization while instant, continuous and human circulation of public transportation vehicles. Molecular continuous analysis of the air in the vehicle, its relations with temperature and humidity will be provided instantaneously. Ambient weather conditions are at the point where microorganism can find life.

We encourage carsharing & micro mobility in cities to reduce the purchase of private cars, reduce traffic and pollution. Our connected car solution also offers: Identification of driving patterns to define intelligent driving strategies that affect the reduction of pollution levels. Identify breakdowns and intervene prematurely in vehicle anomalies that result in increased CO2 emissions.

Patented and innovative electromagnetic and mechanical designs for in-wheel propulsion enable Elaphe™ products to be tailored for specific ranges of torque and power to fit most vehicle configurations. Elaphe provides holistic in-wheel powertrain platform solutions that include motors, power electronics, and intelligent multiple-motor propulsion control.

Since 2016 we are changing data of mobile operators into real value by using AI. We help people to park by using our unique algorithms, cities to make the right decision in urban development and mobility areas and retailers understand their customers.

EVIO is a startup providing added value solutions to the electrical mobility ecosystem.

  • Complete and aggregate statistics even when charging at home
  • Reduced charging station’s payback time and increased return on investment
  • Smart out-of-the box charging solutions
  • Charging the company’s vehicle at home and don’t pay

Gotikket provides transport solutions that are integrated into a single platform from which users can determine the best route and price across several end-to-end travel services and modes.

Hawa Dawa’s sophisticated, digital air quality monitoring and management platform fuses satellite tech, IoT, AI and data science to produce actionable heatmaps which inform smart, dynamic traffic management systems, guide more efficient mobility investments and help tackle a global public health crisis.

Hoop is an application that connects drivers and passengers to share a car with each other in their daily journeys. In this way, Hoop seeks to lead a change in the mobility of the cities: to implement the carpooling as one more alternative, increasing this way the rate of occupation of the vehicles.

HOPU brings urban innovation through key techs as AI, IoT and Data-Quality. We engage citizens and decision-makers, to guarantee that data is understandable by everybody. HOPU supports urban development and digital transformation through data-powered tools with dashboards and IoT devices to monitor air quality for both gases and particulates.

CitySwift is the specialist data engine that powers modern bus networks. The CitySwift platform augments and seamlessly integrates with existing bus technology systems, providing a deeper understanding of network performance and enhanced network planning with significantly reduced timescales.

We have invented a new method to measure distance with light. With this hybrid method it is possible to use our further USP the multiplex approach. With this we achieve a 10x higher resolution at 50% of the price of the competition. This advantage is system-dependent. We are the only LiDAR company that develops its own measurement method.

Improve urban logistics with a focus on last mile distribution. We want to help cities and companies design, implement and manage disruptive models to optimize urban goods distribution for both private and public players, balancing customer convenience and competitive dynamics while minimizing customer disruption.

Through Meep, users can search for, book and pay for trips within a single transaction – eliminating the need for multiple apps. Users can combine several modes of transportation, both public and private and free-floating and stationary, to complete a single journey, allowing for more efficient, personalized city travel.

Nemi makes public transport in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus services. Whoever wants to use the service, must make a trip request through the user app. Based on the requests gathered, Nemi optimizes the route to serve only the stops that were requested, saving thus kilometres travelled and emissions.

We empower real-time data-driven decisions and operations based on mobility data fusion, analytics, and visualisation.

TechNovator has created absolutely new wireless charging technology that allows to charge high-powerful devices at once in a distance. We do not use any of the existing methods of energy transfer. Technology is based on quantum mechanical principles. TechNovator is planning to deploy wireless charging technology into drones and create wireless charging ports for the drones.

Along with the benefits of new mobility solutions, cities face growing challenges as they integrate fast-developing modes of transportation. Vianova is the leading platform for managing connected and shared mobility in the urban public realm. The company’s technology helps cities and mobility operators better collaborate and communicate, in order to foster more liveable and breathable streets.

Volvero is an app in sustainable mobility for sharing vehicles that connects owners and people for saving time and money. Through AI and advanced technologies, we improve quality and security with crystal-clear full insurance coverage. Volvero is easier, safer and more reliable than any other app.

VONZU is a delivery management SaaS that integrates all the agents involved in the distribution process to digitize and automate the last mile logistics processes and operations.

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